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Ironwood is dedicated in serving each one of our customers with a high level of professionalism, honesty and with courtesy. Each one of our projects is treated properly and completed in a timely manner... the way we said it would be done.

Media Blasting
Blasting with ground dried corn cobs is the preferred method to remove existing finishes from log surfaces and wood work. This material is environmentally friendly and is an excellent alternative to power washing.

Blasting with recycled crushed glass (looks and feels like sand) is another alternative method of removing existing finishes.

Exterior and Interior Finishing
We use quality products to provide a complete system of finishes that maximize the exterior protection of your log home. This system provides UV protection, rot resistance, water repellency, and a flexiable and breathable finish.

We provide borate wood preservative treatments (non-toxic to humans and animals) with our restoration projects to provide protection against wood boring insects and fungi.

Log Restoration and Replacement
These services include, full log replacement, half log replacement and restoring rot and insect damaged logs. We also replace damaged components to decks and porches as well as any other areas on the exterior of the home.

Insect Damage / Log Home Pests
These services include repair and replacement of damage caused by termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, carpenter bees, flat headed wood borers, etc. These types of insects can do serious damage to any wood structure. Termites alone cause over 2.5 billion dollars of damage affecting over 600,000 homes in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, extensive damage can be done before the damage is even visible.

Caulking and Chinking
Caulking and chinking a log home are important steps in sealing log joinery and cracks and crevices from the elements, reducing heat loss and preventing insect infestation.

Deck Finishing and Maintenance
Decks probably take more abuse than any other exterior wood surface around your home. We take the time to carefully prepare these surfaces prior to applying the coatings that will protect your investment.

Preventative Maintenance Program
We want to make sure that your home is properly cared for after the restoration project is complete. We offer a maintenance program that includes, an on- site, comprehensive exterior visual inspection of your home from top to bottom . This is to identify any potential situations that could cause problems later and inspect the condition of all coatings, chinking and or caulking that might have been applied as part of the restoration project.

Region of Service

map of serviced areas includes: Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Missouri Louisiana, Oklahoma